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Kung Pow Marketing is the real deal; we provide SEO services to our neighbors in the Nashville Area.

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Why Choose Us As Your Next Digital Agency?

See your results in 90 days.

Has an SEO agency or specialist ever told you that SEO “takes time?” Everyone knows SEO is the “long game.”Right? Wrong. We’ll start driving results right away. Our process is designed to capture traffic opportunities from day 1, so you’ll start seeing more leads and more revenue as fast as humanly possible.

Full control of your campaign.

Everything from the campaign timeline to the included services and deliverables is based on your business needs. We start with a 100% free website audit to show you exactly what our recommendations are. From there, you’re free to tweak and toggle our game plan as you see fit. There’s absolutely ZERO wasted money in your campaign plan.

We got you covered.

We know you're busy, which is why we offer full-service Digital Marketing packages. We do everything, from Keyword and Market Research to Content Creation to Content Promotion and Advertising. We’ll even update your website for you.

Be at the local front page.

We’ll put you in position #1, without breaking the bank. We utilize a comprehensive Local SEO Strategy that gets results every time. Bottom line: if you need local customers, we can help.

Money Where Our Mouth Is

We let our results speak for itself.

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300%+ traffic increase in just 6-months

Increased SERP Visibility by 600%+ for a Personal Trainer

Ranked 7 Content Pieces #1 in SERP for Competitive Medical Devices Company

100+ new leads in 1 month for a lawyer

Our Approach to Consistent Lead Generation

Kung Pow Marketing reaches through and beyond SEO. We distill your business and expertise down and reference it in every piece of our organic marketing strategy. It’s not enough to just drive traffic to a website; we want the people behind those screens to remember you, trust you, and pay you.

  • Research and Strategy Consulting

    Our research goes beyond keyword research and dives deep into your competitive landscape. Ever wondered how your competitors are driving leads? What ads do they run? What are their most profitable keywords?? We’ll tell you all this and more. We use this to build a campaign that’s optimized for the fastest growth and most cost-effective results.

  • Content Creation

    Our content team is so good, we built a separate arm of our business to manage copywriting jobs. First, our writers are tested and vetted on the ins and outs of SEO best practices. We hire the most creative and technically proficient writers, then train them on sales copywriting tactics. The result is a harmonious blend of top-ranking persuasive copy that makes you more money.

  • Website Promotion

    One of our secrets to 6X faster results is our unique ability to promote websites. SEO alone works if you let it, but it works better if you help it along. “If you build it, they will come... But if you go tell them about it, they’ll come a lot faster.” Want to learn more about our outreach secrets? Schedule a free consultation.

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You’ll Love Our Work; And We’ll Prove It

Good news; Kung Pow Marketing is the real deal, a wickedly-talented, local digital marketing agency.

We do unbelievably good SEO, online advertising, and content creation for service-based and small businesses. We especially love catering to our Nashville neighbors because we love this city. We want to help you grow, and we’ll prove it. We’ll give you our 5-Point Recommendations for free; all you need to do is schedule your free consultation.


Business owners attest; We deliver results.

Point blank: we drive traffic and leads to your business. Those traffic and leads will generate more revenue for your business. We aren’t blowing hot air: dozens of other businesses — from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 Companies — have hired us, and they’ve all got great things to say:

Sal G.Helper's Mentoring Society

Kyle has been a critical team member to take my budding business to the next level of social networking, developing new leads, and outreach communication. We have grown exponentially due to Kyle's knowledge and ability.

Paul SalterFitness and Weight Maintenance Expert

Excellent communication. Great Attention to Detail. Ambition to do each task with utmost quality and in the most efficient manner possible. Highly Recommend!

Perks of Working With Us: Nashville’s Leading SEO Experts

We Are Experts at Growing Small Businesses
With dozens of Small-to-Medium businesses ranked in the last 3 years, we know a thing or two about what your website needs to grow online quickly. You don’t have to take our word for it; we’ll audit your website absolutely free and lay out our exact roadmap for your business.

We’re Just Up The Road
When you work with Kung Pow Marketing, you’re creating a business relationship that can last a lifetime. We’re happy to grab coffee or lunch instead of hopping on a Zoom cal